How to report a bug

Good morningggg, Chernarus! Llenne here with a quick announcement for you.

Here on our lovely home wiki, we've run into some bug issues over time. Over the years, the members of the admin team has acquired a considerable amount of experience in dealing with coding issues and other, miscellaneous bugs and how to fix them! However, we need your help.

While we patrol the wiki relentlessly, we occasionally let some things slip through our fingers. If you believe you've found one of those bugs we may have overlooked, feel free to post about it!

Thread tagging:

Having problems with adding a switch infobox to your page? Accidentally break the code on your page? Feel free to tag you thread as [HELP] and then following up with what you're having a problem with. If it's a problem with coding, then just name your thread [HELP] Coding. Don't forget to link us to the page you need help with!

Should you run into a bug, tag your post as [BUG]. For bugs, put the page name in. If you found the bug on your character page "Jilly Jim Boe", then name your thread [BUG] Jilly Jim Boe.

How to recognize a bug:

Bugs come under many forms. A broken template will show up in red and give you a link to a malfunctioning instead of displaying information the way it's supposed to. Broken switch infoboxes will load permanently, not allowing you to swap between them. If you click something and it doesn't work, that's a bug, not a feature (I promise). If you're not sure whether it's a bug or not, feel free to tag it as a bug anyway. The worse that might happen is that we'll have to wade through an extra couple of threads, which is nothing to get stressed about.

How to report a bug:

After naming your thread [BUG] and adding in the page name after that, we'll need your help! Don't worry, it'll be quick, just copy paste this template into your thread and provide as much information as you can.

Browser-type (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc):

Do you run into the same problem if you switch browsers?:

Operating system (Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, etc):

Link(s) to one or more pages you have encountered the bug:

Does the problem appear everytime, occasionally, only on certain pages?:


[Clip this part out. Was the bug always on the page? When did the problem appear? What does the error consist of?]

Thank you in advance for your contributions!